Welcome to our new adventure!

Hansika & Bhupesh

We, Hansika (aka Hanny) and Bhupesh (aka Bups) are a young couple embarking a new chapter in life after being married little over a year. Although we are successful in our alternative careers, we felt that there was something missing in what we wanted in life. We had an ambition to start a new business, but it had to be something that would make a real difference and change in mindset for our local community.

During the first lockdown, we started investing time in a healthier lifestyle, cooking together and experimenting with food. We decided to try a vegan diet and to our surprise, as former meat eaters, we started to feel healthier within our body and soul. However, we found it difficult to find all vegan products in one place. We found ourselves reading the ingredients on products. We ended up ”shop-hopping” which resulted in a frustrating and time-consuming shopping experience.

Jokingly we said – wouldn’t it be great to have all our shopping needs in one place? The seed of opening a business exclusively for plant-based groceries was firmly sown in our minds. We shared our vision with family, researched the market, saw the growth and really understood the experiences of like-minded people. We quickly realized veganism was no longer a diet but a way of life.